Is your Olivetti’s Carriage Jammed? Your Royal portable not printing when you type?

This essential typewriter repair E-course has been made to help the sea of people who bought a typewriter from a charity shop and for some reason it has stopped working and the only people who know how to fix it are either retired, dead, or live really far away.

If this is you, don’t worry help is here.

This is a 45 page downloadable typewriter repair E-course, which describes and guides you how to fix the 15 most common problems with manual typewriters. Most problems are simpler to fix than you might have thought, and with these industry tips and instructions guiding you through step by step, you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Written and illustrated by Claire La Secrétaire Typewriter Studio, we have been reconditioning typewriters for 5 years and have had hundreds of typewriters through our doors all with varying problems. We have put this concise guide book together from our experience in diagnosing and fixing most of the problems we come across, most are easy, all of them are fixable.

Some of the problems we talk about in this book:

If your typewriter works fine, but it only types in one line like this:


If your carriage is loose and there is a piece of string flapping about underneath it.

If the upper and lowercase letters aren’t aligned

Turning the letters inside glass keys the right way round

If the ribbon is faint even though it is not old

If your typewriter only types the tops/bottoms of the letters…

And much more.
45 pages with photos and illustrations of step by step instructions on how to fix your typewriter problems, and to have you up and running in no time.
Extras include information on specific models that have specific problems such as Olivetti and Byron, what some of the buttons and levers are for, and where to get replacement ribbons, as well as links to our youtube videos to help with specific problems.

This will be available to you to download instantly as soon as you purchase it.

If you have any extra problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

This E-course is protected under copyright laws.
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